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Tramp Stamp

Tramp Stamp

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Auteur : Funky Visions
Poids : 3.8 Mo
Langue : Anglais
Compatibilité : Compatible avec l'iPhone et l'iPod touch.
Nécessite le système d’exploitation iPhone 2.2 ou ultérieur.
Version actuelle 1.0 :
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Existe aussi en version gratuite : Tramp Stamp Lite
Tramp Stamp Incorporated needs your help! Thousands of boxes need to be stamped before leaving the warehouse. Use the trampoline to propel yourself high enough to stamp the boxes as they move towards the loading dock. Each stamp renews your power. Miss and you'll lose power. How long can you stamp before running out of steam?

Tramp Stamp is a new game by Funky Visions, the makers of "Jiggle Balls: Spikes!". You control a bouncing ball by tilting your device. The twist? You're bouncing off a trampoline! Stamp each box by tapping the screen (or more intuitively the box you are stamping). Each successful stamp increases your score and power. Miss and your power goes down. Each box needs to be stamped at least once before leaving the warehouse, otherwise you'll be penalized. Try to stay in the middle of the trampoline. Hit the edges and you'll lose control. If you lose control or bouncing power, tap the trampoline to propel yourself back into the air (but it will cost you some power).

In additional to stamping as many boxes as you can, Tramp Stamp has various game play goals. Try to stamp 1 box as many times as you can or maybe you'll be lucky enough to stamp 2, 3, or even 4 boxes with 1 stamp (bonus points)! How long can you stamp without missing? Each time you play you'll get better and better and find new tricks. Compare your scores and achievements with your friends using OpenFeint. Will you be the first one to reach 1,000 stamps? Or maybe the first to achieve a "quadruple stamp"?

Good Luck! Tramp Stamp Incorporated is counting on you to "propel" the company to the next level.


- Real-world physics
- Bright glowing graphics
- Fun and bouncy background music
- Whimsical sounds
- Progressively harder game play
- Multiple OpenFeint Achievements
- Local and Global High Score Boards
- Comprehensive help screens
- Turn music/sound on/off
Tramp Stamp
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