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Coder Calc

Coder Calc

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Poids : 0.3 Mo
Langue : Anglais
Compatibilité : Compatible avec l'iPhone et l'iPod touch
Nécessite le système d’exploitation iPhone 2.1 ou ultérieur.
Version actuelle 1.2 :
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Toutes versions :
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Nouveautés :
- In RPN mode, the Enter now optionally duplicates
- In RPN mode, the C key now optionally drops
- New button to convert to/from single-precision IEEE-754 floating point representation
Coder Calc is a full featured scientific calculator tailored for programmers.

Best of all, it operates in Standard or Reverse Polish Notation modes, complete with a multi-line stack display!

In addition to the usual hexadecimal and binary base conversion, it features extensive programming-specific functions such as bit shifting, masking, two's complement, IEEE-754 conversion, and more. You can enter data in decimal, hex, or binary, and types can be mixed freely. Coder Calc also features a full suite of scientific and engineering operations.

There are extensive customization options for appearance and function. Graphically, it's made to look right at home on your iPhone. If you've always felt calculators needed shinier buttons, then Coder Calc is for you!

A One Girl, One Laptop Production
Silly Software That's Sometimes Cool
Coder Calc
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